Creative Coding Specialization

Hi (・ω・)ノ

It’s been four months (July-October) since i learnt P5.JS in RMIT Creative Coding Specialization class. It’s nothing fancy, but i just want to share some of my works.

Random Spider web with recursive function:

Assignment 1:

Assignment 2:

I learnt p5 from “the coding train” tutorials. However, I am prefer reading because I am not an audio learner. That’s why most of the time I just read from happy coding website.

I also did some coding with P5.JS for my other class (outside creative coding) to create minimalist interactive.

Simulation game to recreate a rainy morning:

Microgame about pizza:

Aside from P5.JS, I created this filter-like function in with Hydra for my Community of Practice (my friends).
Video demo:


Helloo @reilivia !! Welcome to the forum - many thanks for sharing these links!

I’ve just enabled iframes from, so we should be able to embed p5 sketches now:

Because the posts are written in markdown, you can include certain html. The above embed looks like this:

<iframe width=100% height=600 src=""></iframe>

You still need to play around with the dimensions somewhat to get it looking how you want it.

Reducing the size of the canvas by 1 pixel in both dimensions got rid of the scroll-bars for some reason:

createCanvas (innerWidth - 1, innerHeight - 1)

These links that you posted - would you mind if I made some of them into their own posts? @reilivia

the art and atmosphere from another rainy morning is really cool!

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this is groovy!! really neat to see other classmates’ work for the first time haha, that hydra filter is really fun to play around with too, thanks for sharing!