Platformer Project (update)

I’ve had a ton of time to work on my project and have progressed quite far with it
I have finished the level system as well as made the first 8 levels

I added:
a goal to get to at the end of every level which needs all three keys to unlock
invisible blocks
a spot to put the title screen and end screen
a few proper textures
a spot to put the death screen
and hearts

I plan to add:
the rest of the levels (this will probably take the longest)
some sound effects
and the title, death, end and game over screens

I was gonna add some music but p5 doesn’t like big audio files for some reason

I would really like some feedback on the difficulty of the levels since I made all the physics the levels don’t seem very hard to me but I want to make sure that the game isn’t impossible for the average person
I’m also looking for general feedback and suggestions

oh yeah and I also need a name for the game I was thinking three keys but the first two levels have two keys

fullscreen (recommended for playing):


baha ok this level is a bit tricky. died so many times :skull: :headstone:

edit: oh god this one aaaah

edit 2: Yesss! :crown:

Very fun game actually! The physics takes a few goes to get used to but I like it - kinda floaty feeling when you jump. What are you thinking for the sound effects?

Also - yes p5 doesn’t like big audio files. Have you considered maybe doing the music algorithmically?

just some basic sounds for jumping, completing levels, getting keys and dying

what do you mean algorithmically?
I was originally gonna get some kevin macloud music he makes a lot of good royalty free music

The p5.sound library has built in synthesizers like this monosynth.

You can either play them live, or feed them notes according to an algorithm, like this. What I’m doing here is feeding the mono synth notes from an array every 10 frames, which makes a melody. You can of course get much more complicated with it.

One massive benefit to doing it this way is that it is you don’t need to use large audio files, which means it loads way faster. Also you can compose your own music using numbers! (which I think is really cool) :nerd_face:


more levels and some fixes

the full game will come out 14th of november


it was good, try make the sprites move to make it like harder


I really like the little character you made. Maybe in the future add more characters you can choose from.


Jiarui Yang on November 7th 2022
Platformer Project (update) - Schools / Preston High School - Science Family

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Hi ham_sandwich I really like the game but can you add different block chracters and different level designs? Other than that it’s good!


game is good, I like game :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: